NIKE Air Force 1 20210805

Nike Nike Air Force 1’07 “white / Midnight Blue” Air Force 1 Classic low top versatile casual sneaker ophe617-zcl

The second time I bought shoes at Fenghuo, Shunfeng arrived 2 days ago. I can’t wait to put on my feet when I got the shoes. I have to say that AF1 looks good with leggings. It’s comfortable to wear. It’s not a thick style. Although it’s not a basketball shoe, it’s still good to wrap the foot with a pull. The middle upper is a bit unaccustomed to when it’s just worn. It may grind the heel a little, but it’s not a problem to wear it well The most important thing is that you only need 470 to get it. As for whether it is a genuine product, there is no doubt about it. The quality of beacon fire is still worth believing, and there is no need to test it

NIKE Air Force 1

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